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Upcoming Events

We are committed to serving the needs and interests of our members by providing a resource network that allows them to increase their proficiency, enhances their professional status, and promotes educational opportunities, and encourages leadership development.


Our Mission:

To be an effective support system to all fire service professionals by utilizing the skills of our profession to strengthen administrative operations.

September 17, 2020

AFSS North Quarterly Training
Strategic Plan 2020-2023 Workshop
*Meeting on Zoom*
Zoom meeting hosted by S. Lake Tahoe Fire

June 19, 2020

AFSS South Quarterly Training
Topic: Continuous Improvement - Visual Management & Feedback Loops

Zoom meeting hosted by San Miguel Fire District 

Meeting Registration Fees

AFSS accepts the following payments for registration fees:


* By check or money order (see event details for payment & mailing information).

* By credit card online.

* In person at the door.

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